ListView in Xamarin Forms (Mvvm)

ListView in Xamarin Forms  (Mvvm)

Today am gonna show you the common problems we face while using listview in xamarin forms in MVVM.

To check out how to Use MVVM in Xamarin Forms just Click Here!

First Of All I tell how to use Listview using MVVM

In Xaml

 In VIewModel

In  Model

Now if you write a button control in the listview then the command property would not work

This is because the BindingContext of the listview is limited to the properties present in the Person Class

So  We have to change the Context Of the control in Order to access the Command Property Which we mentioned In the View Model.

We have to do few modifications in Xaml code

So In this way we can implement Click on the buttons in the listview using Mvvm.
This is not only limited to Command Property..We can access any property of any Control in Xamarin forms using this approach in the Listview

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  1. This is very helpful.
    But lets say that your button before making this change had it's Text Binded to a property in your listview's ItemSource. This is now broken I am guessing because of changing the binding context of the button.

    How would we still bind the text of the button to a string in our ItemSource of the listview?

    For example Button Text="{Binding FirstName}" if FirstName was part of your Person Object this used to work now it does not after making the changes advised above.

  2. You wrote duplicate events in buttons. is this correct ?

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  6. Hi, on iOS porject, this method seems to not be working.


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